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Community Impact

Central Bank of Kansas City is a Community Development Financial Institution(CDFI)

Central Bank has been recognized by the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (CDFI) for the bank's investment in distressed communities and has been a certified CDFI since 1998. There are very few banks in the U.S. that are certified as a CDFI by the U.S. Treasury and Central Bank is the only certified CDFI bank headquartered in Missouri. 


For over 65 years, Central Bank has served the local community and helped build and support neighborhoods.    From reading each week to 2nd graders at area grade schools, to talking to preschoolers about saving during Money Smart Month, to serving meals for the needy - Central Bank of Kansas City cares about the community.
Reading to preschoolers
Bill Dana, President and CEO read a book on saving to preschoolers for Teach Children to Save. 

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