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CBKC Central Payments

Through the efforts of the Central Payments Division, Central Bank of Kansas City’s mission to provide high quality financial products to consumers of modest means is not only offered locally, but reaches consumers who historically have not enjoyed the benefits of affordable and accessible financial services across the nation. “Treat Each Customer’s Balance as Though It's All They Have” guides our approach to product design, customer service, and affordability. Program managers looking to avoid the risks and disruptions associated with the prevailing many-to-one issuing model value our commitment to partnering with only a small number of highly reputable partners. Our success therefore depends on seeking out reputable program managers with experienced management teams, financial prowess, proven distribution channels, and a commitment to collaboration and transparency with us and value for the consumer. In turn, our partner program managers enjoy:

  • Higher levels of responsiveness,
  • Less risk of disruptions caused by such a large number of other third party program managers, and
  • A stable issuing foundation upon which the prepaid offering can flourish. CBKC’s current partners are recognized companies marketing and distributing CBKC-issued prepaid cards via bank and nonbank financial service providers, online, direct mail, and retail.

Central Payments focuses on issuing general-purpose, reloadable and payroll cards, primarily because of the products’ popularity with the demographic we are committed to serve. We also entertain issuing certain travel, rebate/incentive, and disbursement programs with companies looking to eliminate the costs of check-based payments.

CBKC’s Central Payments offers both program sponsorship and program managed services.

Click here to learn more about the Central Payments team led by Trent Sorbe, President of the Central Payments Division.

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