FAQ eStatements

Frequently Asked Questions on eStatements

What is an eStatement and how do they work?
An eStatement is an electronic version of your regular paper bank statement. Instead of receiving paper statements through the mail you may access your statements electronically through your Central Bank Online Banking account. An Email notice will be sent to the Email address you provide when your current statement is ready to be viewed. Your past statements will accumulate and be viewable for up to 18 months.
You will need to be able to read a PDF document. If you are unable to view the eStatement, download and install the free Adobe Reader.
Do I have to be a Central Bank Online Banking customer to receive eStatements? Is there a charge?
Yes, you must be a Central Bank Online Banking customer to receive our FREE eStatements. If you currently do not have online banking, sign up today, and then enjoy the convenience of free online banking and eStatements. There is no charge.
What if my Email address changes?
Just go directly to your online banking, click on options and follow prompts to change your Email address. You may also visit your local branch and we will be happy to assist you.
Will my eStatements look the same as my paper statement?

 Our eStatements look the same as our paper statements.

Can I cancel eStatements and go back to paper statements?
Yes, you can cancel eStatements at any time and go back to receiving paper statements if you choose.
Are eStatements secure? and how do I sign up?
Security is one of the many benefits of eStatements. Central Bank is always concerned about the security of your information. Only you can access your statements through the security of Online Banking and its use of multi-layered authentication. eStatements also eliminates the possibility of statements being lost or tampered with in the mail.
If you already have online banking, just click on the eStatements tab when you log-in and follow the directions. If you do not currently have free online banking, enroll here or just visit your closest branch to sign up and enjoy the benefits and convenience of online banking, free bill pay, and free eStatements.
How and when will I know when my eStatements are ready and what if I didn't receive an eMail notification?
You will be notified by an Email to the Email account you specify and we verify is a working Email address. If you didn't receive an Email notification, contact your local branch to have a customer service representative verify your Email address. However, your eStatement will still be available within Online Banking under the eStatements tab.
Can I print my eStatements
You may still print your statement, just like you would print any other document from your computer. You may also choose to save your eStatements to files on your computer for easy access.
Do I need any special software to view my eStatement?
Access to your eStatements is available on any computer with Internet and Email access. You will need the free Adobe Reader to view and print your eStatements.
Can I have my eStatement sent to more than one Email address?
No we can only send to one designated Email address.